Painted Parking Palooza

Seniors should be allowed to paint their parking spots.

Katie Loberger, Business Manager

     Several high school seniors across the nation look forward to going back to school a bit early as these schools allow for seniors to come in one day before school starts to paint their parking spots. It is a form of expression that any senior can participate and feel validated for. 

     James Bowie High School in Texas allows for their seniors to paint their parking spots before school. The school rewards seniors who had good attendance of the previous semester and has a contest for the best painted parking spot. For students to be eligible to participate they must have 15 credits and no more than 12 absences, not exceeding four absences in a single class. 

     Choctawatchee High School, another school who allows for painted parking does not have any eligibility for seniors. Both schools do however have restrictions on what kind of paint the students can use and the design itself. The students must provide their own water-based, latex paint and supplies. They also have to submit their designs prior to the painting day and must be approved by the administration. Students are then required to paint over their parking spots at the end of the year. 

     This is a great alternative for designing your graduation cap. It allows for expression and can be easily fixed if not appropriate or to the school’s standard. Painting your parking spot would be another perk for being a senior that helps them not to slack off end of the junior year if there is an attendance eligibility.