You Are Not Alone

Ways to balance your mental state.

Destiny Tran, News Editor

Depression may be one of the hardest obstacles you face in your life. You are put in a bad situation and you feel like you’re hopeless and alone. You feel as if can’t fix this situation and only thing is to give up your life. There is help and guidance. There are people who care about you and love you for who you are. You shouldn’t feel the need to put on a mask and pretend everything is okay when your thoughts inside is deteriorating your mind.

    There are counselors for you to talk to. Texting and calling are options on suicide hotline. Another option would be apps on your cell phone if you do not feel comfortable talking to anyone. Pacifica is an app where you could put down how you are feeling and what’s on your mind. The app has tips on what you should do such as meditating and working on your breathing. You could also have a hobby to distract your mind such as reading or drawing.

    Please know that there is a way out of this feeling. You have a whole life in front of you with days that could be the best in your life. Have hope.