Attack the pack


Julia Rodriguez, Features editor

Bishop Kenny pep rally blows minds

     The Bishop Kenny High school was scheduled to play Westside for their homecoming game on October 19th. The student government put on the pep rally during the last class of the day. Many seniors participated in the show to make it one of the most entertaining yet.

      The pep rally started off with the cheerleaders performing their dance. The dance was accompanied by upbeat music and new intricate cheer stunts. The dance was followed by the drumline playing game songs.

     After this the Anchor club revealed who won the chain sale this year. The seniors came in the lead by over $200. The proceeds from this fundraiser will be put towards Ronald McDonald House.

     The varsity volleyball team played a quick game to best of five against five senior boys. The girls won by a landslide.

     The senior dance off followed and as per tradition it’s boys against girls. The two groups danced to popular music and the crowd cheered them on. The boys seemed to gain the crowd’s favor and were deemed winners.

     Jack Peeler was crowned Mr. Biceps and had to arm wrestle Jaxon D’ville. Peeler won and D’ville left the gym brooding.

     The pep rally came to an end with encouragements to attend the game and cheer for the Crusaders.