NCAA Scandal Shakes Nation

The NCAA and the FBI uncovered a plethora of men’s college basketball teams violating numerous rules cumulating in one of the largest scandals in college sports history.

Max Montana | Sports Editor

     Prominent men’s basketball teams such as Duke, North Carolina, Michigan State, Texas, and Kentucky, among others, have been pinpointed in this NCAA investigation as they have each gave some sort of illegal benefits to potential recruits.

     Also being targeted in this scandal is former ASM Sports employee Christian Dawkins, who was the ‘middle man’ for paying thousands of dollars to high schoolers in order to convince them to play for a certain college basketball team. Although Dawkins is charged with three counts of wire fraud and one count of money-laundering conspiracy, he was utilized by the FBI in a ‘wire-tap’ operation where he recorded Arizona men’s basketball coach Sean Miller saying he would consider paying $100,000 last year to current Arizona freshmen Deandre Ayton for him to finalize his signing with Arizona. Miller has denied these allegations, but has temporarily stepped down from coaching the team. Arizona Board of Regents Chairman Bill Ridenour commented on the events by saying, “We must do everything we can to ensure that our programs are of the highest caliber as we must also protect the rights of all involved and respect due process for employees.”

     The NCAA and FBI will continue to look into Arizona’s conduct along with the aforementioned schools.