Honor Societies of Kenny

Induction ceremonies for those who have earned their titles.

Olivia Burch | News Editor

   On Monday, May 5, students of freshman, sophomore, junior and senior year will be inducted into either one honor society or multiple honor societies. Each student has shown that are capable to be in that specific honor society, whether with their grades, academics, or involvement.

   The honor societies available at Bishop Kenny include National Honor Society, Latin Honor Society, German Honor Society, Spanish Honor Society, National Art Honor Society, Quill & Scroll Honor Society, Tri-M Honor Society and Thespian. Each of these are looked for on resumés by colleges in addition to giving the students specific cords for graduation.

    To be a member of certain honor societies, one must have certain criteria that varies between society. For National Honor Society, the students have to maintain a weighted grade point average, or GPA, of 3.8. Latin, German, and Spanish Honor Societies, student must have passed the first and second year of their second language with an average of 90, at least. National Art Honor Society requires the student to pass Art 1, along with ten art related service hours. Quill & Scroll Honor Society is offered to students who have complete Journalism 1 or 2 with a 90 average or above. The Music Honor Society, Tri-M, requires one year of a music class, such as Chorus, keyboarding, or guitar with grade of 95 or above. Thespian Honor Society inducts those who have taken part in multiple productions. All honor societies, except for National, Latin, German, and Spanish Honor Societies, also require a minimum 3.0 GPA.

    Each student may be a member of as many honor societies as they would like; there is no limit. Other schools have various societies available to participate in, dependent on the classes given at that specific school. This includes both colleges and high schools.