Teachers of BK: Robert Sims

Robert Sims on his career as a religion teacher

Jared Carrillo, Staff Reporter

It’s important for Bishop Kenny to have a voice to educate students about God and the Bible. Robert Sims is one of those voices that helps students understand Catholicism.

Sims has been at Kenny for seven years, but he wasn’t always here. After graduating from Flagler in St. Augustine, he took intern teaching roles in St. Louis, MO, mainly at St. Louis University High School. 

Sims is very passionate about giving a proper religious education to students. There’s a lot of goals he has, but he says his largest goal is, “to make Jesus known to students along with his teachings.” He wants to make sure that students know that they are loved and welcomed by God.

As a dedicated religion teacher, he clearly loves the job on a deep level. His favorite aspect of teaching religion is when he’s in the middle of a lesson and he sees students engaged and curious to what he’s teaching. He loves to see his students recognize the truth of the Bible and to see them mature with their faith as the year goes on. 

After being at Kenny for seven years, Sims has grown to love many traits about the school. He loves, “the authenticity of students, the trust and support of the administration and partnerships of students and families.”

Every mentor has a mentor. Sims acknowledges the love and support of many staff members, but his biggest mentor is Deacon DeLuca. As a former student at Bishop Kenny, DeLuca helped guide Sims through frustration to clarity and lead him to be the teacher he is today.