Deadly Havoc

Hurricane Ian’s aftermath in FL

Anna Bass, Editor-in-Chief

Hurricane Ian brought significant destruction to millions of people as it swept across the state of FL. Many people’s properties were entirely demolished, including their cars and boats. The harm done from the wind speeds alone was enough to break widows, uproot plants and displace roof tiles, but the biggest result of the storm by far was the flooding.

It is estimated that in St. Augustine, the storm surge was around five feet which sent sailboats into businesses right outside of St. George Street. But farther South in Fort Myers Beach, water levels reached 12 feet which led to many people having to evacuate to the roofs of their houses to remain safe. 

Due to the danger of Hurricane Ian, there were around 100 deaths resulting from it, and many people are still missing as of Oct. 13. Additionally, thousands are still currently left without substantial shelter since many houses were severely damaged or destroyed altogether. 

Although Ian’s effects in Jacksonville didn’t seem to be incredibly detrimental (as schools were only out for a few days), other cities in Florida were hit badly by this storm. There are many things that can be done to help with the relief efforts of the storm, specifically with Bishop Verot High School in Fort Myers, which sustained catastrophic damage and loss not only to its campus but to its members as well. Here is a link to help the Catholic brothers and sisters in need down South:  

Hurricane Ian destroys Fort Myers, leaving over 100 people dead. (Photo courtesy of Bay 9 News)