Raising Standards

FL raises minimum wage to $12 an hour

Abby Milkes, Editor-in-Chief

On Sep. 30, the minimum wage in FL goes up by a dollar and will increase by a dollar every year until 2026. Already, the Florida minimum wage is higher than the federal rate, which is set at $7.25. 

On Nov. 3, 2020, FL voters passed “Amendment 2.” This Amendment states that gradually, over a six-year period, FL’s minimum wage will increase, with the final goal being $15.00 per hour. Currently, Florida workers receiving minimum wage make $11.00 an hour, but by the end of Sep., this amount is going to increase to $12.00. 

This law is applicable to all employees that work in the state of FL and are covered by the federal minimum wage law. This raise in wage will benefit all those that are working a minimum wage job, especially in times of inflation. 

The additional money people are making will ease tensions about high inflation rates, which are currently 8.26%. In addition, businesses who are short-staffed will be able to find more workers that are willing to work. While this is a big step for FL, states such as CA and WA have already made this step and have minimum wage set over $15.00.

Florida will raise minimum wage to $12 on Sept 30. (Photo courtesy of sdppayroll.com)