Humans of BK: Isabella Farhat

Senior Bella Farhat describes her UF scholarship journey

Jared Carrillo, Staff Reporter

Just graduating high school is an achievement, but getting an academic scholarship to the hardest school in Florida is a rare accomplishment that senior Bella Farhat has under her belt. 

Farhat has wanted to attend The University of Florida since she was little. Her father’s previous attendance had major influence over her choice, and the amount of only good things she heard about UF certainly helped. While she did have other backups, which mainly consisted of other local Florida schools, UF has always been the clear goal for Farhat.

Besides just being a star student, Farhat participates at Saint Vincent de Paul Society as a board member, previously as an officer. At Bishop Kenny, she is a Eucharistic Minister, and a part of the cross country team.

Everybody knows how stressful high school can be, and lots of people have their own personal set of problems whether it’s physical or emotion. Farhat described her biggest challenge as “trying to find a happy balance of being ok with things not always being perfect. Sometimes it’s the imperfections where you find greater value.”

However, to be put through a journey as challenging as Farhat’s, one would require a great deal of support. Throughout her high school experience, she’s found the most comfort and support from her family.

“My parents are my biggest supporters, and most helpful and dedicated when it comes to supporting their three kids,” Farhat goes on to explain. Farhat’s in a family of five with one brother and one sister.

Farhat hopes to attend UF to pursue a lifelong passion of hers, environmental law. She has always known she wanted to be an attorney, but a few years ago decided she wanted to go into environmental law due to the water rises from Hurricane Irma and knew she wanted to help. With her passion and drive, there seems to be a very bright future for Isabella Farhat.

Isabella Farhat talks about the journey of getting her scholarship.