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American Journalist killed on assignment in Russo-Ukrainian war

Charli Esposito, Web and Social Media Manager

On March 15, Associated Press received word of American journalist, Brent Renaud, died by Russian attacks on Ukrainian soil.

Renaud was on assignment for Time Magazine with partner Juan Arredondo reporting on civilians and refugees fleeing the war. As the war continued to rage on, Russia came to its first peace agreement with Ukraine in the past week  to allow citizens to safely exist the country. Since the war, over 1 million citizens have fled to the borders of Poland, Moldova, Hungary and Romania surrounding the country. Renaud’s death is among the assumed 1500 civilian killed (United Nations estimate) since the beginning of the Russo-Ukaraine war in February.

His partner was also severely injured and hospitalized with wounds as well.

Journalist Brent Renaud has received many rewards for his work. ((Photo Courtesy of NY Times))

Some of Renaud’s work as a journalist include being a cinematographer and editor, documentaries about America’s wars after  the attacks of 9/11, in both Afghanistan and Iraq. In 2003, he coincided with a unit of the Arkansas National Guard for their tour in Iraq, publishing a 10-part series called “Off to War.” It was “the first time in television history that a single unit of soldiers, and their families, have been followed throughout a deployment to war.” It received a nomination for Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Documentary from the Directors Guild of America, as well as top awards from the Overseas Press Club of America, the San Francisco International Film Festival, and the International Documentary Association.

The death of journalist reporting on the Russo-Ukrainian war has increased since the beginning of the war.

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