Humans of BK: Ally Milonas

Freshman Ally Milonas discusses life as dancer, cheerleader

Abby Milkes, Editor-in-Chief

Dancing and cheerleading has always been a big part of freshman Ally Milonas’ life. She began dancing 13 years ago, and has attended Bishop Kenny cheer’s grade school nights since she was very young.

Her parents first signed her up for a dance class when when she was just two years old, and since then, she has grown to have a very special connection to it.

“Dancing is special to me because it is a way that I can take my mind off of whatever else is going on in life and focus only on what I am doing in that moment,” Milonas said.

In addition to dance, Milonas has grown to love cheerleading. She cheered in middle school, and now in high school, she made the varsity and competitive cheer teams.

She enjoys being on the cheer team because of the relationships she has built and the friends she has made.

“To me, being on the cheer team means that I am able to be an example and a role model to younger kids who see themselves in me,” Milonas said.

Both dance and cheer have helped Milonas adjust to high school, as well as other people who have helped her not feel alone.

“The main thing helping me to adjust is my teachers’ support throughout my work. It’s also helpful to have my peers going through the same things I am,” Milonas said.

Milonas is also a part of St. Vincent de Paul, which she participates in to help others and keep her faith strong.

After graduating high school, Milonas hopes to go to college, potentially in New York, and study a semester abroad.

No matter where her life leads her, dancing will always be a piece of her life.

“I continue dancing because it is a large part of me and without it I wouldn’t have somewhere to express myself,” Milonas said.

Freshman Ally Milonas’ favorite style of dance is modern/lyrical. (Cate Dudley)