Speak For the Trees

US is losing 36 million trees a year

Elena Vincenty, Editor-in-Chief

The polar ice caps are melting, winters are getting warmer, and a major summer heat wave is about to hit. What is part of the cause? The loss of almost 36 million trees a year according to the US Forest service.

Trees are able to lessen rising temperatures by nearly ten degrees Fahrenheit according to a study done at the university of Wisconsin.

Deforestation occurring by mankind (Photo courtesy of Creative Commons). (unknown)

But with the continued cutting down of trees humanity is paving a path for “warmer, more polluted and generally unhealthier for inhabitants” according to David Nowak, a senior US Forest Service scientist.

According to Nowak though, the cutting of trees is not the only factor into the loss of trees. It is also due to hurricanes, fires, tornadoes, diseases and insects.

Not only do trees help lower temperatures but they also provide habitats for wildlife, help improve human health, protect from UV rays, improve water quality, and reduce energy emissions.

But in the CNN article Nowak adds that trees do have some downsides. Those being: increased allergies and raking of leaves.

In a CNN article, Nowak calls for all people to protect the trees you have, care for the trees you own, don’t remove trees unless necessary, and allow growth of trees on your property. The rest of his suggestions are here at the bottom of the CNN article.