70 Years of Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II’s accomplishments over her 70 years in reign

Parker Harms, Business Manager

Queen Elizabeth II has officially reigned as Queen for 70 years, and here are some of her most notable accomplishments.

Her service in World War II. She joined military efforts and the Women’s Auxiliary Territory Service and trained six weeks as an auto mechanic.

The stability she brought. After the war, she provided stability with a steady, calm approach.

She modernized the monarchy. She has had a willingness to embrasse change and to modernize when needed. She wanted her subject to see the royal family as approchable. She records an annual Christmas message and has been open to adjusting her approach to marriage and divorce.

She made the succession more equitable. She represents a continuous line of influence stretching back to the 1950s. After all, Sid Winston Churchill was her first mentor. The legislation might have failed had it not been for Elizabeth’s influence.

She was the first British monarch to address congress. More than two centuries after the U.S. won independence from the empire, she became the first British monarch to address a joint session of the United States’ Congress. She used the speech to set the beginning of “a special relationship ” between the U.S. and the U.K.

In 2011, Queen Elizabeth II made a visit to Ireland. She was the first monarch to make an official visit since its independence. She placed a wreath at the monument at the Garden of Remembrance in Dublin in honor of those who died fighting the U.K. for Irish freed on and bowed her head respectfully. Many Irish took this as a subtle signal that the Queen acknowledged and felt sorry for her own country’s misdeeds.

Finally, the Queen has done an amazing amount of efforts to support various charities. Many argue that she has done more than any other monarch in history. She is responsible for raising around $2 billion. She supports more than 600 charities and the royal family itself supports more than 3000. She has made sure to make a special focus to reduce poverty and make sure the monarchy had the backs of the charities she and the royal family supports.

No doubt Queen Elizabeth II has made some major accomplishments. With so few monarchs, it wouldn’t be surprising if she were to break and hold all-time records forever.

Elizabeth II in 2015 (Photo credits to Wikipedia)