Foster Paws

Fostering a pet can help bring joy to even the smallest of animals

Parker Harms, Business Manager

Fostering an animal is where you temporarily take one or more animals into your home and give them food, shelter, water, and love for a period of time. Most fostered pets are injured or young animals that cannot yet be adopted.

Fostering has always been a need for many animal shelters around the world. Around 6.3 million animals enter shelters around the US alone each year, according to ASPCA. Many shelters are overloaded with animals and do not have enough staff or volunteers to help take care of the furry friends. 

More than 3.2 million cats are brought into shelters every year (Photo courtesy of ASPCA)

Fostering an animal can help save its life or the life of another animal. It can also help teach animal manners, social skills, and basic necessities before going to a forever home. Sick animals that are in need of medication are commonly in need of foster families as well. If the animal is in need of constant care, the shelter will try to find a reliable home for the animal to get better. 

Not all foster pets leave the foster. Foster failure is also common as spending time with a pet pal can cause an emotional connection that would be hard to break. If a foster failure were to occur, the foster parent would adopt the animal and give them a familiar forever home. 

Becoming a foster home to a pet can severely help not only the shelter but the animal as well. Local humane societies are always looking for foster and forever homes for their pets. Stop by one today and apply to foster and maybe even meet a new best friend. 

Jacksonville Humane Society: 

Address: 8464 Beach Blvd • Jacksonville, FL 32216

Phone Number: 904-725-8766

Email: [email protected]

St. Augustine Humane Society 

Address: 1665 Old Moultrie Rd. St. Augustine, FL 32084

Phone Number: (904) 829-2737 

Email: [email protected]