Local Church Destroyed in Fire

St. Demiana Coptic Orthodox Church burns down on Monday, September 20.

Mikaela Georgi, Copy Editor

Early, around 2 a.m., on Monday, September 20, St. Demiana Coptic Orthodox Church, located on Bernard Road,

caught on fire and was destroyed.

Even though the fire was under control within the hour, it had, assumably, been burning for longer, thus explaining the total loss.

The priest and his wife reportedly ran to the scene to see the church aflame. They stayed for about 12 hours talking to authorities and trying to salvage what was left.

A prayer meeting was held that same night to honor and pray for hope on these difficult times

As of Monday, September 27, authorities have been unable to find the cause. Currently, no one is allowed inside the church due to the danger it poses.

In a blog post, Laura Michael, the priest’s wife, mentioned that, “Not a single item from within the church was recoverable. Even the relics of St. Demiana, we have not yet found.”

Because of this loss, the church has been open to donations that will go to rebuilding and to practice the liturgy, at least temporarily.

Currently, members of the congregation pray at Riverside Presbyterian Church until they find a more permanent home.