‘The Voice’ Contestant Covers Ariana Grande’s Song

‘The Voice’ contestant shocks everyone with her vocals and coach choice

Stella Shaw, Social Media Manager

Auditioning for the voice is an intimidating task in itself, but when you are auditioning in front of a Grammy winner it can only ramp up the nerves. Ariana Grande is a new judge for “The Voice” this year and has lots to say about the contestants. 

Making a huge impression was Gymani. The 23 year old sang Ariana Grande’s ‘POV’ and had the judges spinning in their chairs. All four of the judges turned around and in ‘The Voice’ this is the highest honor and achievement you can obtain. 

Expressing their excitement about the contestant, Grande and John Legend stood up because they were so astounded by the performance. And as soon as Gymani had finished singing, Ariana Grande made it apparent that she loved Gymani’s R&B take on her song and wanted her on her team. 

“That’s your song now,” Grande exclaimed “I am honored that you sang my song and I would be so honored to have you on my team. I would do anything. Whatever. I’ll literally do anything.”

Despite the song choice and pleads from Grande, Gymani shocked the crowd when she chose Clarkson as her coach.

“No one including me saw that happening,” said Clarkson.

The 2021 judges of the ‘The Voice’ share their opinions about Gymani’s performance.