Gabby Petito Goes Missing

Gabby Petito goes missing on September 11 while on a road trip with her fiancé.

Haley Samaan, Layout and Design Editor

Gabby Petito, who was an Instagram influencer, went missing on September 11, while on a road trip with her fiancé, Brian Laundrie. 

On September 19, remains were found and the FBI said they are consistent with the description of Petito. After an autopsy was conducted, homicide was deemed the cause of her death.

Laudrie has since returned home to his house in Florida, and refuses to tell the police when he last saw Petito. 

As of September 17, Laudrie was unable to be located by the FBI. His location is currently unknown. The FBI and Florida police are currently looking into Laudrie as a suspect to the case. His home is being treated as a crime scene and a search warrant was executed on September 20. 

Mid- August, Petito and Laudrie were seen in Moab, Utah, where Petito was crying. Laudrie told officials that they had been arguing due to their large amount of time spent together on the trip. 

Petito’s parents said that they had not heard from her since late August, and Laudrie is not communicating with them. 

The police and FBI are still looking investigating this case, but the outcome is not looking good for Laundrie, as he is the main suspect.

22 year old, Gabby Petito.