Hurricane Ida

Hurricane Ida’s effects on America

Stella Shaw, Social Media Manager

Category 5 Hurricane

The hurricane season is upon us, and many news broadcasters are alert and ready to deliver the most up to date hurricane information about new storms headed our way. Hurricane Ida has caused lots of damage throughout the United States, specifically effecting Louisiana.

Beginning as a Tropical depression off the coast of the Cayman Islands, only hours later Ida quickly moved up the ranks to a Tropical storm. As she began to reach land, a chain of thunderstorms escalated Ida to a category four tropical storm that would land near Louisiana’s southernmost port. Starting with winds of 150 miles per hour, this category four Tropical Storm would become the fifth strongest storm with a peak speed of 172 miles per hour.  “Along with the winds will come a storm surge, a huge pileup of water driven inland by the storm. Forecasters predicted waters could reach heights of 12-16 feet in parts of Louisiana,” according to The Verge.

Hurricane Ida has left multiple billion dollars worth of damage repairs across eight states, many fatalities, and 82 known deaths according to CBS NEWS.  Many people have lost someone or something because of Ida, and the damage made across eight different states was astronomical. In effort to try to ease the distress of those effected, several fundraisers and organizations have been instituted, reminding all that anything will help them in this time of need.