Feelin’n the Love

What to know about Dunkin’s new Valentine’s Day items



Dunkin’s Valentine’s items.

Grace Jennings, Copy Editor

It always happens this time of year. As February nears stores start stocking up on products covered in red and pink hearts. Valentine’s Day is always sure to have plenty of products to go along with it. Dunkin released their Valentine’s Day themed items this week, and here is what you should know before buying.
The new Pink Velvet Macchiato is a perfect way to sweeten up an espresso drink. Similar to their holiday Sugarplum Macchiato, this drink is the perfect amount of sweetness and tastes just like red velvet cake! If you are a fan of that flavor, I would definitely recommend.

And of course, donuts. Dunkin released two new flavors, Cupid’s Choice and Brownie Batter. Cupid’s choice is a heart shaped donut filled with Bavarian Creme filling and topped with strawberry frosting and sprinkles. The Brownie Batter donut is also heart shaped, and filled with brownie batter-flavored buttercream, topped with vanilla frosting and sprinkles. Both are delicious and perfect treats for Valentine’s Day.

If you are looking for a way to sweeten your morning coffee, I would recommend trying these new products. And if you aren’t a fan of sweetness, all of Dunkin’s filled donuts are heart shaped to add a little festivity! So next time you pass a Dunkin on your commute consider stopping by for some adorable Valentine’s Day treats.