Georgia Recount Reaffirms Biden Win

All votes in Georgia are recounted by hand

Jessica Golden, Design and Layout Editor

After great controversy with the 2020 Presidential election, Georgia decided to call for a recount. All ballots were recounted by hand for the past few days. On Friday, Nov. 20, the results came back that Joe Biden beat Donald Trump by 12,284 votes. There were no signs of voter fraud, as many were worried about. This outcome was somewhat expected because statistics have shown in the past that recounts rarely make a difference. Since Georgia flipped to blue so abruptly towards the end of the election, there was a slim chance that it would have gone back red. Recounts will also be held in Arizona, Nevada, Pennsylvania and North Carolina.

According to CNN, “Human beings are looking because, as you know, one of the big complaints is these machines somehow flipped votes or changed votes or did stuff. They didn’t, at least not in Georgia,” Sterling said. “We proved it.” Hand counting votes assures that what is on paper matches what is on the machine. The last step in this process is for Gov. Brian Kemp to sign the paperwork That grants Georgia’s 16 electors.

In the last 20 years, these states have not flipped after a recount. Although it is required, the outcome is often no different than the first time.

The most well known presidential election recount was in the year 2000. George W. Bush was ahead of Al Gore with less than 2,00 votes. There was a statewide recount done by machinery. There were few hand done recounts in some cities. After this was conducted, Bush lead by 537 votes.

After Georgia conducts recount, it stays blue.