Hour in the Life of a Newspaper Editor

Ever wonder what a newspaper editor does during Journalism 2-Newspaper

Sarah Roberts, Business and Managing Editor

After leaving my B mod religion class, I head up the 200 stairs to my newspaper class. Since I decided to take AP Physics 2 this year I have to take Journalism 2-Newspaper during C mod with Multimedia Journalism instead of G mod with all the rest of the newspaper staff. I do post on our Schoology course in the mornings any announcements and reminders for the day.

My desk in the back room (Sarah Roberts)

Since I am on the newspaper staff, I work out of the backroom in Mrs. Durbin’s classroom. I, along with the other editors, have computers and laptops that we use. I log into my computer, lovingly labeled Managing Manic for my position as part of the staff, and get to work. As the business manager and managing editor I keep track of both ads and grades.

The first thing I do after prayer is go through all the ad contracts and make a list of all the ads that are going to shown in Issue 2. Then I go into Trello, a project managing program and see where all our newspaper staff is at in editing articles, turning in photos and making layouts. I update any grades and then go into my own Sarah Says article and see if Abigail Parker, the copy editor, has made any edits before grabbing a camera and my press pass and heading out to take pictures for my article. Some days if I get done with edits early I look at colleges and scholarships or email businesses about possibly buying an ad from The Shield.

When I get back to the newspaper room I put the camera away and store the SD card I used on my desk to put into Dropbox later and work on laying out some articles for the rest of the period.

When the bell rings for D mod I pack my things, say goodbye to Durbin for the day and head off to my next class, AP Statistics.