2020 Election Results

Next president has been elected after four days of counting


Grace Jennings

The current projected electoral college votes are 290 for Joe Biden and 214 for Donald Trump.

Grace Jennings, Copy Editor

Joe Biden was projected as the 46th president of the United States midday of Sat Nov 7. After four long days of counting ballots and finalizing votes Biden won with 290 electoral votes, and Donald Trump with 214.
Counting had come to a standstill with Nevada, Alaska, Pennsylvania, a North Carolina, and Georgia not yet done with their counts. Biden had a lead of 264 to 214, and on Saturday Pennsylvania finished their count giving Biden 20 electoral votes, passing the 270 limit and winning the race. Not long after Nevada followed along and finished their count giving Biden six more votes.
As of now Georgia, Alaska, and North Carolina have yet to claim their results, but even without those states Biden’s number surpassed Trump’s enough to wait.
Controversy has sparked as Trump has declared he will take the results to the Supreme Court and claim voter fraud. However, there is no substantial evidence of voter fraud so far.