Humans of BK: Victoria Rojas

Junior Victoria Rojas talks future goals and aspirations


Jessica Golden

Junior Victoria Rojas plans to attend the University of Florida after graduating.

Jessica Golden, Design and Layout Editor

Junior Victoria Rojas sits in the 600 courtyard while she thinks about her high school experience and where the future might take her. As the wind blows through her hair she explains things many do not know about her and about what she’s involved in now. 

“I danced from the ages of 3 to 14,” Rojas said when she was asked what many don’t know about her. Rojas has also been playing soccer since the age of 4. She used to be involved in club soccer, but has stopped since then. 

Fast forward to the present, Rojas is involved in soccer at Bishop Kenny. She has been playing since her freshman year. Last year, she was a captain on the JV soccer team and played on both JV and varsity. 

“Winning states last year for soccer changed my life,” Rojas said. 

Right now, school matters most to Rojas. She hopes to attend University of Florida when she graduates. She is currently enrolled in AP Chemistry and Pre Calculus Honors. These rigorous math and science courses will help to prepare her for her future career path because she hopes to become an engineer. 

When asked what her greatest challenge is, Rojas stated, “I don’t know… probably lack of sleep.”