Signing for the Future

Five seniors sign to play collegiate sport

Dailey Jackson, Managing Editor

On Feb. 5, a group of seniors signed a binding National Letter of Intent to their respective colleges committing them to play their sport in college. Of the students who signed, Cameron Moewe, Neil Politano and John Godwin signed to The Citadel, New Hampshire and Lenoir-Rhyne University, respectively, for football, Garrett Beagle to Piedmont University for basketball and Jack Pease to Jacksonville University for track.

This signing ceremony was the second of the school year, the first being the signing on Nov. 13, in which eight other seniors signed to play a sport at their future colleges. These official National Signing Days occur various times throughout the year, typically from Nov. to Feb., where thousands of students from around the country commit to a college. 

Signing a National Letter of Intent commits a student to one year at the said university, and the school is promising to provide the student with an athletic scholarship for that year. Finally, a student’s signature marks the end of the recruiting journey, and no other schools can continue to recruit them.