Waddling Back

Club Penguin returns.

Rita Albert, Editor-in-Chief

After the demise of Club Penguin left hearts broken in 2017, it finally returns. Disney owned the rights for the beloved game, but after traffic slowed on the website, they decided to close it down. Four students from the UK have shocked the world and brought back an identical version of the game, Club Penguin Rewritten.

These four students could surpass copyright strikes because of educational fair use laws established in the US. Their audience is a collection of millennials and gen-zers who played the game as children along with some new members. The four of them wanted to build the game back up to produce nostalgia and bring joy to those who missed the snowy world of penguins and puffles. 

Within the game, you can do all the same things as before, including play games, challenges, and adopt little pets known as puffles. You first set up an account with a username and password as usual and then you select your penguin’s color. You are then sent into the world where you select a server to play on. You are able to add friends, chat, design an igloo, and deck out a penguin. Go out and make a new account now!