Trending Costume Ideas

Popular costume trends for Halloween.

Katie Loberger, Business Manager

This year has been very productive in having movies that allow for easy costume design. Each year, there is a common trend that with new movies coming out, that is what will become popular, apart from the classic costumes of witches, wizards, monsters, superheroes and classic disney movies. Some popular idea now is to make your own costume of food or other commonly found items in the day to day life. Then you have the ideas of finding the lowest maintenance costume or the “last minute” one. Lastly, is the tv show or book costumes of your favorite characters. 

The top five most popular costumes this year are, It, witch, Spider-Man, dinosaur and Fortnight. The witch came from having Hocus Pocus become popular again and the new revamped tv show “Sabrina the Teenage Witch,” according to Google. The dinosaur is an inflatable costume that has been trending due to memes circulating on TikTok, previously on vine and memes on other social media platforms. Other pop culture costume trends are superheroes or villains: Harley Quinn, Black Panther, Joker and Wonder Woman, celebrities like the Kardashians and movie characters: Harry Potter, Maleficent and Thanos. 

“Last minute” costume ideas that have become popular are food ideas, trash cans, and the iconic ghost. These easy-to-make costumes only require common household objects, finding like colored clothing, or just a plain white sheet. Another idea is to dress up as yourself or stereotypes of people in high school, college, or life.