Fire blazes in Paris

Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris on fire.

Julia Rodriguez, Features Editor

Fires began in the 850-year-old cathedral in Paris on Mon. April 15. Spectators gazed on as firefighters set up boundaries to keep pedestrians safe. Smoke billowed high into the air above the cathedral.

What started as a small fire quickly grew and encapsulated much of the building. Cracks began to spread over the building.

Earlier this year, the Church sent an appeal for money to save the cathedral as it was beginning to crumble. Some of the statues were removed last week as renovations began.

Part of the cathedrals large spire has collapsed as fire spread along the roof.

Sources indicate that there still is no known cause to the fire. Authorities speculate that no one was injured from the fire as when the alarm went off tourists were all evacuated. The president of Paris, Emmanuel Macron cancelled a major speech scheduled for Monday evening in light of the fire.

Firefighters have been on the scene but there is no news on when they will be able to put out the fire.