Rotten Apple

Another Scandal with Apple

Rita Albert, Editor-in-Chief

Apple has discovered a glitch in the Facetime app. This new glitch allows for people to eavesdrop on other people before they even answer. The occurrence manifests when using the new group Facetime feature. When “Add Person” is clicked and the original number is ‘added’, it allows for the audio to be transmitted before the call is answered. Video can be transmitted along with audio if certain other steps are followed. This breach in security has left many people shocked and paranoid, disabling the Facetime app all together.

          It was originally discovered by 14-year-old boy who realized he could listen to his friend on Facetime before the call was answered. When his mother reported it, Apple failed to take action and warn other consumers about the security issue. The New York State Attorney General’s office is investigating Apple’s lack of notice to consumers.

          Apple apologized on January 1, however, still has not released an update to fix the issue. The update is taking two weeks to produce (as of February 1). Until then, make sure to disable Facetime or just be cautious when using devices.