Rally Up at BK

Bishop Kenny students gather in gym to celebrate Winter Spirit Week

Olivia Lacy, Staff Reporter

All students gathered with high spirits in the gym on Friday, Jan. 27, to celebrate BK Winter Spirit Week.

Seniors Anna Grace Shoemaker and Mary Pellicer rocketed the event off with a blast, calling for everyone to stand up and cheer for their respective grades. The cheerleading team followed suit with an energetic routine containing flips and lifts that left people on the edge of their seats.

The band proceeded to group in front of the senior section and play their hearts out, encouraging everyone to clap to the beat. Their performance preceded an impressive game of shooting hoops from members of the boys basketball team.

It was about time teachers joined in on the fun. Nicole Hurtt and Malisa Pellicer teamed up against the other student duos in a game where they had to collect balloons while laying on scooter boards.

The gym floors cleared for the step team, who brought their usual fierceness and, in turn, left the stadium in absolute commotion. Keeping the same energy, the girls and boys basketball teams stepped up to face off against each other in shooting hoops from different distances. In the end, the boys team narrowly squeezed ahead with an impressive half-court basket.

It was time for the dance team to shine, and shine they did. The girls pulled off a thrilling performance, dancing around the stage without breaking a sweat.

To finish off the afternoon, band came out once more and delivered another catchy beat, this time including tricks with their drumsticks. After their performance, the senior class leaped out of the bleachers to hug and shout with their peers.

This Winter Pep Rally was certainly successful in proving how strong Bishop Kenny spirit truly is!