District Champions Year Two

Crusaders win 2021 District finals.

Charli Esposito , Web and Social Media Manager

Thursday Feb. 11 the Crusaders took on Yulee Hornets for the District Finals.

In 2020, Crusaders took on Yulee in the same spot for the District title. Two years in a row Crusaders have swept the title away from the Hornets to grab the trophy and go to regionals.

Junior Jaden Cortez leading off the game as Captain for a strong defense against Hornets.

In the first half, junior Jake Moran protecting goal and command from Cortez on first plays. Hornets set back with a three man defense and laying back on the field with in lines. Crusaders pressured to cut off the Hornets lines and create less distance between them and the goal. Junior Martin Pineiros switching up tactics, cut off the Hornets lines and stole the ball from their offensive players. Pineiros successfully passed the ball to junior Raf Montavlo who finished the pass with  the first goal of the game.

Crusaders hit their stride and protect goal by keeping shots on goal away from Moran. A bad pass from the Yulee Hornets to their Defensive back and slips trough this feet, a Meg, and past their goalie to be scored as an own goal for Crusaders.

Ending the first half 2-0 Kenny.

40 minutes left on the clock, Crusaders effectively keep shots on goal to a minimum and with saves from Moran for zero goals on Crusaders.

Final minutes of the game junior Nathan Hawara sends a line pass assist to senior Sean Meisler for a goal.

Final score 3-0 Kenny.

The Crusaders are the 2021 class 4a District 4 champions.