Chicago Convention

Lessons from a Chicago convention put to use by newspaper staff.

Katie Loberger, Business Manager

As Emily walks the down the sidewalk towards breakfast, a sudden gust of wind rolls in. Whoosh! Her hat flies off into the distance down the street. Surely you think that her hat is gone forever, but that is not the case. A kind Chicagoan came running back, hat in hand.

      The JEA/NSPA is a an annual convention that allows young journalists from around the world the opportunity to learn and grow. This year, it was the second biggest turn out, 6366 students attended. It was a fight to get to classes. These classes are to help improve writing, photography, layout, editing to just touch on a few. No matter if your class was full there was always an opportunity to learn something new in a different one.

      This trip was not all about work though, our group went sightseeing too. The week we attended was said to be peak week, according to Shannon Antinori a staff member from Flying in you could see golds, reds, oranges and yellows all from the trees below us. The first day we arrived we saw Millenium Park, there we got to see the infamous Bean. After we sightsaw we heard from a Keynote Speaker, Pete Souza. He was a photographer who documented Obama’s presidency. We also saw Willis tower and Navy Pier.