Florida Commissioner shot theiving man

Destiny Tran, News Editor

Michael Dunn shot Cristobal Lopez on the third of October in Lakeland,


    Florida Commissioner Dunn and Lopez were in a Vets Army and Navy Surplus store that Wednesday. Lopez was looking through hats with his father. Dunn noticed Lopez was hiding a hatchet under his shirt as he was trying to hurry out of the store. Dunn stuck a gun in his back pocket and confronted the victim, asking him if he paid for it and the hatchet fell down Lopez’s pant leg. Lopez started to panic and say that he will pay for it and tried to exit the store. Dunn then grabbed Lopez’s shirt and shot him twice. Lopez falls on the floor and Dunn does not help Lopez. Lopez dies at the sight and Lopez says, “I think he expired!”

    Currently, Dunn is charged with second-degree murder and the jury is deciding whether or not if he was standing his ground. Dunn says that he was in fear when he shot Lopez but if he had let the victim go then there would be no issue. Dunn shot Lopez without legal jurisdiction.

    Dunn resigned from his post 19 days after the incident. He is assigned court arraignment on November 6. In Florida, when a weapon is involved for second-degree murder, it is a mandatory sentence of 25 years in prison if a person is convicted.