Extra, Extra! Read All About It!

Rita Albert, Editor-in-Chief

Newspaper brought back to Fletcher High School by senior student Sam Bogle

           The school newspaper at Fletcher High went extinct as of last year due to fading interest. Determined to be a journalist, senior Sam Bogle decides to revive his school newspaper, the Northeaster. Starting back up a big commitment like a newspaper is not a simple task. Many people said they didn’t care and wouldn’t read the newspaper, but that didn’t stop Bogle. Bogle needed to get many things in order first.

          To bring back the newspaper Bogle first had to get the permission from the school’s principal, James Ledford. After the approval he had to collect a group of interested people to be staffers. From there it was ready to begin and stories were assigned. With the first of the papers printed Bogle went around the school and handed them out to the students and the teachers.

          At the beginning of this journey Bogle announced his goal in a column posted in Folio Weekly. This sparked many other school newspapers to offer advice and help with anything in support of this resurgence. Bogle serves as a figure of inspiration that takes charge and could possibly spark a movement.