On Shaky Ground

Kaitlyn Bateh, Staff Reporter

Indonesia devastated after recent earthquake, tsunami

         A 7.5 magnitude earthquake struck last Friday on Sulawesi, causing a tsunami to flood Palu, a coastal city in the island. According to bbc.com, the death toll has risen to 1,347 people. Responders and supplies are starting to arrive in Palu.

          Although this city is in a state of crisis, police began to guard shops intact from looters attempting to take supplies. The police fired warning shots and used tear gas to discourage looters. Shortly after this, officers began to take a lenient approach and allow survivors to take basic goods, although some survivors tried to take matter into their own hands. After attempting to steal computers and cash, looters were arrested by the police.

         Relief efforts have entered the city and set up at the Palu airport to give medical attention, give basic supplies, and give meals to local survivors. Many are hoping to evacuate the island through military flight, but those that have to stay receive two meals a day by volunteers in a community kitchen and a gallon of water to bathe. Survivors are waiting to escape, since the ground is still unstable and moving constantly. Those on rescue missions face dangerous risks of mudslides.