Austin Serial Bomber Caught

Mark Anthony Conditt, the 23-year-old that struck terror into the citizens of Austin, Texas throughout the month of March, perished by the means of his own explosive device on March 21st.

Max Montana | Sports Editor

     A series of terror-filled events came to it’s conclusion in the early hours of the morning on Wednesday, March 21st in Round Rock, Texas. Mark Anthony Conditt was surrounded by police in a hotel parking lot near the city that felt the most heartbreak from Conditt’s actions in Austin, Texas. Conditt, spotting the encroaching police force, suddenly sped away, but pulled into a ditch where he set off another bomb that, ultimately, took his own life. This fateful pursuit occurred due to Conditt’s role as, according his confession tape, the lone perpetrator in the five bombs that were set off around Austin that were scattered and camouflaged around various neighborhoods. The first bomb exploded on March 2nd, followed by two more bombs being set off on March, 12th, which spurred on the widespread panic over the likelihood of another explosion. However, due to surveillance footage from inside a FedEx and the perpetrator’s phone record, the police were able to determine the identity of the culprit.