Senior Blood Drive

Olivia Burch | News Editor

    Bishop Kenny will be holding an annual blood drive this Thursday, February 1st for all seniors who would like to donate blood. This will not be available to freshmen, sophomores, or juniors because you must eighteen or older to give blood without a parent or guardian.

    For all seniors who would like to participate, the blood drive will be held between 8:00 to 12:00 PM in the gym lobby.

 To donate, you must sign up online at and use the sponsor code #30753. Without signing up ahead of time, you will not be able to donate blood on Thursday.

   If you do sign up and participate in saving lives, you will receive a free long sleeve t-shirt, as well as  wellness checkup.

    Donating blood to clinics and hospitals can save a person’s life. The blood can be used to help patient going through cancer, blood disorders, and other medical ailments as well as post-surgery. Donated blood is also sometimes given to mothers after childbirth. Without the availability of donated blood, many people would die each year from the lack of healthy blood.