Humans of BK: Jose Gallo

As the end of the year is nearing, Jose Gallo discusses plans for when he graduates


Photo courtesy of Jose Gallo.

Senior Jose Gallo (right) posing with his brother.

Senior Jose Gallo has been involved in many clubs, classes and after school activities in his four years at Bishop Kenny.

“For me these last few years have been enjoyable, I was glad with how much I was able to participate in as well as meeting new friends and becoming closer with the friends I already have,” said Gallo.

Gallo is extremely well rounded when it comes to the classes he takes. He participates in choir and theatre as well as physics and computer science.

He has taken many challenging classes, many of them being honors or AP. “My choice to take AP physics and calculus came down to wanting to be better prepared for what is awaiting me in college,” said Gallo.

Gallo hopes to study civil engineering at either Georgia Tech or the University of Florida.

In his free time, Jose builds and collects LEGO sets. He uses social media to share his models as well as websites.

“I often spend my time after school tinkering with various models as well as setting up displays on the shelves in my room.” said Gallo.