Dreams That Sing

Katie Loberger, Business Manager

Spring choir concert

    The Bishop Kenny High School Choir performed their spring concert on May 3. The theme of the concert was dreams. It was very important because of the seniors leaving and keeping their dreams for college and life.

    “We began the concert with a Broadway tune and contained with two pop songs. One was a classic “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” and the other “Lost Boy” was a more recent song,” director Collin Clark said, “We also sang a jazz choir song “At Last.” The remainder of our concert consisted of classical literature.

    The seniors sang “It Sings in Me” for their last show at Bishop Kenny. “Why We Sing” talks about the need for music and Why lifting your voice can soothe somebody, get a point across and is a language to people.

    “It’s important in music education to learn about all genres and not just focus on one specific genre, as this allows us to be diverse and well rounded musicians,” Clark said.

Senior Joseph Ernst was awarded the Directors Award and junior Katie Richmond was awarded Outstanding Choir Member.