Senior countdown

The Class of 2018 is so close to graduating!

Megan Yates | Website Manager

The Class of 2018 has waited a long four years for this moment. Since August of 2014 the now Seniors have been going through the hard and grueling lifestyle of high school. Now they are so close to completing their fourth year of their high school careers. They only have fifteen regular school days left. If the seniors have to take their finals then they will have those four days to complete along with the regular fifteen days. Technically the last day of school for the Seniors is May 18, 2018. On May 18, the final day of senior exams will take place.

Since kindergarten these students have completed fifty-two quarters, which is roughly four hundred sixty-eight school weeks (Monday-Friday). Now these students are down to a mere three weeks left.

I just want to give a big congratulations and a good luck to the Class of 2018 for completing this chapter of their lives and beginning the next chapter.