Netflix November

New releases to look forward for on the streaming service next month


Emily Wheldon, Web Manager

November 4

Millie Bobby Brown returns to the screen as Enola Holmes, a young girl in 1900 eager to become a detective and determined to show she is just as good as her brother, Sherlock Holmes. In this spin-off, Enola Holmes 2, we follow Enola as she searches for a missing girl with each clue leading her to more questions.

In 2018 Manifest, a show which follows a group of people who mysteriously disappeared for 5 years after boarding a plane, grabbed the attention of Netflix watchers everywhere. With a new supernatural conscience, the characters must figure out why they have this second chance and how they can save not only themselves, but all the passengers.

November 9

The Crown has followed the British royal family’s story for four seasons, beginning with the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in 1953. The last season left us on the rocky relationship between Prince Charles and Princess Diana so to be expected, the fifth season will be focused around their divorce. Season five also brings a new Queen to our screens, Imelda Staunton will be replacing Olivia Colman as the Queen. The show also has new actors for Prince Charles and Princess Diana.

November 10

Christmas is on the way and Netflix is letting us know it with the movie Falling for Christmas. During the Christmas holidays a spoiled hotel manager’s daughter loses her memory during a skiing accident and wakes up in a small town where no one knows her. While trying to remember who she used to be, Sierra may have found who she truly is and where her heart lies.