‘Camp Fire’

Flames engulf California.


Photo courtesy of CBS News (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Megan Yates, Web Manager


What started as a peaceful Thursday morning for some of us, ended in what is being called a tragedy for some residents of California. The fire is now being referred to as ‘Camp Fire’ and is reported to be the largest fire in California’s history. This disaster is not just one fire, it is over 7,000 fires combing to engulf California. Currently, there are almost 1,000 people unaccounted for and the death toll has risen to 79. These numbers have been changing daily.

Over 52,000 people were told to evacuate, not all did. This fire has been the deadliest fire in California history. Since the fires have started Thursday, November 8, 2018 there has been over $2.975 billion in damages.

There has been a search group consisting of about 461 officers, 22 cadaver dogs, many firefighters, dozens of National Guard troops, friends and family (with precautions). People are out searching for these missing people and trying to find where their homes once stood.

The start of the fire is still unknown. Some believe that is could have been started by a down wire, tossed cigarette, or ever a power motor blade just sparking a rock. Some residents are trying to sue the utility company ‘Pacific Gas & Electric’.

The blaze is now 82 percent contained. However, this is where this situation goes from bad to worse. Some people have been asking for rain, and they got their wishes. There is an expected large amount of rain heading their way. This rain can be a blessing and a curse. The storm will help put out the fire, but it will also create mud slides which can destroy homes and can be potentially fatal.