The Story of Pieces

Literary Magazine opened for submissions and increased student involvement

Rachel Lechwar, Copy Editor

   A competition for Pieces, the literary magazine, is open for submissions until November 16. The magazine will include student works of writing, art, and photography and there is a $25 prize for the winner. The options for writing are poems, short stories, and personal narratives. For photography, categories include landscape, black and white, portraits, and special effects. And the magazine includes art: drawing, digital art, painting, and mixed media.

    The theme to center each piece around is the question ‘What makes us unique?’. This includes the heritage, interests, hobbies, traditions, family history, dreams, and fears of individuals in the Bishop Kenny community. Posters around the school provide more detail on the competition and ways to submit.

    In the past years, knowledge and consequently interest in the club has been waning and many are unaware of the competition and existence of the magazine itself.

   “The goal is to make it known in any way we can through Coffee House and by showing up and supporting other groups,” said Pieces sponsor Jeanie Wilks.

    The club that was headed by Mrs. Forshino was passed onto Ms. Wilks this year. She introduces the competition to her creative writing and English classes.

    “Future reference and having something published is always a plus in a resume or portfolio,” said Wilks. “It gives a place for them to have expression.”

    The club is also open to any student who is interested in putting together the magazine. Once members sort through submissions, they spend time after school on Mondays to design each page. They are working towards not only planning the literary magazine, but also increasing awareness about Pieces through word-of-mouth.

    “It’s a constant reminder of putting the magazine out and saying ‘Hey guys, here’s a chance to be published. Here’s a chance to do something. Come join us!’,” said Wilks.