The Unprecedented Category 4 Hurricane

Katie Loberger, Business Manager

Hurricane Michael leaves a catastrophic trail

       Hurricane Michael was classified as a tropical depression on Monday. On Tuesday night it jumped from a category 2 to a 4. Then Wednesday, October 10th, Hurricane Michael made landfall on the Florida Panhandle as a category 4. It is the first category 4 hurricane to hit the panhandle since 1851 when there was record keeping. As of Thursday it has been downgraded to a tropical storm. So far six are dead, four from Florida, a man in North Carolina and a child in Georgia.

     This storm has left homes in shambles. Nearly 1.1 million homes are left without power in among six states. Michael has winds of 155 mph, which has the power to destroy homes and leave power outages for weeks. There was power pressure up to 919 millibars minimum pressure in the eye, which is the third most powerful in U.S. recorded history. There has been 2 million ready-to-eat meals, 1 million gallons of water and 40,000 10-pound bags of ice distributed in Florida.

      Key developments that have happened are that Interstate 10 has reopened a 80-mile, and 47 volunteers are to help in hard-hit areas along the Florida coastline while 20 were rescued in flooded neighborhoods in North Carolina. Farmers have also taken a very hard hitting in the fact that 53 poultry houses were destroyed in Georgia. Around 6,700 took refuge in 54 shelters in Florida. Hurricane Michael is now expected to hit Virginia.