Jaguars Seize Giant Moment

Max Montana, Managing Editor

The Jacksonville Jaguars outlasted the New York Giants at MetLife Stadium on Sunday, September 9th to get their first win of the new NFL season

     The aura of hope filled the airwaves as fans of all 32 NFL teams sat down to watch their replenished teams for another season of tackling, turnovers and touchdowns. Jaguars fans were relieved to see their team sweat out a victory against the New York Giants in a game where the Jacksonville defense carried the rest of Marrone’s squad. The game sealing touchdown courtesy of Jaguars linebacker Myles Jack was described by the supplier, Giants quarterback Eli Manning, after the game.

     “Ball just got tipped,” Manning said. “It’s unfortunate. You hate to let them get an easy one like that where it gets tipped at the line and it pops up.”
Despite a stellar showing by the ‘Sacksonville’ defense, highly-touted rookie running back Saquon Barkley of the New York Giants was able to succeed. Myles Jack described the rookie’s performance following the game.

     “Yeah man, he came through,” Jack said in reference to Barkley’s long distance touchdown run. “He shook me out of my socks and then ran down the sideline.”
The Jaguars are set to face off in an AFC Championship Game rematch this Sunday, September 16th against the New England Patriots.