Cenacolo Lenten Drive

   Franchesca Peralta | Arts and Entertainment Editor

     This year, Bishop Kenny will donate the goods collected in the Lenten Sacrificial Drive to the Cenacolo Communities in the diocese of Saint Augustine. Comunità Cenacolo began in Italy by Mother Elvira Petrozzi in 1983. Petrozzi founded this order to guide men and women with substance abuse issues. These men and women must be a part of the “School of Life” for a minimum of three years. The Community lives off of Divine Providence, which means that everything the community has, food or clothing, was donated.

     According to the Community of Cenacolo website, “We live a simple life based on prayer, sacrifice, authentic friendship, truth, work, and faith. For those of us who had enough materially, but fell into an inner darkness, often accompanied by alcohol and drugs, this simple proposal of life is deeply valued because it is genuine, true, and of God.”

    Bishop Kenny can be an instrument of God by donating goods and services. If you cannot send a gift to the Community, prayer is an even greater gift. Freshmen are collecting paper products; such as paper towels or toilet paper. Sophomores are donating cleaning products; dishwashing soap, laundry detergent, gloves. Juniors are giving non perishable foods; pancake mix, pasta, canned goods. Seniors are supplying personal hygiene items; shampoo, toothbrushes, sunscreen. The Lenten Sacrificial Drive will last until March 28.

     If you or you know anyone struggling with a substance issue, the Cenacolo website is http://hopereborn.org.