Taking on Tech Week

Emily Willis | Opinion Editor

     Bishop Kenny’s theatre department has begun “tech week” for the annual school musical “All Shook Up”. During this critical week before opening night, the cast and crew bring together the technical aspects of the production. The crew adds facets such as lights, sound, costumes, and makeup. They rehearse the entire show in sections as many times as they are able.

    “The most successful tech for a show is something that is not distracting to the audience. We do not want a light to go out at the wrong time, a song to start at the wrong moment, or have a set piece out for the wrong scene,” assistant director Mae Davis said.

     Prior to tech week, the cast, stage manager Madeline Ward, and directors Mae Davis and Jeffery Springmann rehearse vocals, begin painting and constructing sets with set designer Dan Nast, and block scenes, meaning the cast is directed on where to stand. When tech week begins, they are joined by a tech crew who operate lights and sound and assist with running the show.

    “When we have all hands on deck, everyone is willing to learn and help each other out, things go smoother,” Davis said. “Sometimes the long hours can be hard on the kids, but we try to play games, have fun warm-ups, and all in all keep in the front of our minds why we do this- for the love of theatre.

     “All Shook Up” is planned to premiere on March 1 and 2 at 7:00 PM in the Carla Harris Performing Arts Center.