Teachers at BK: Carol Hollen

Carol Hollen talks about her experiences with German culture

Emily Wheldon, Web Manager

Carol Hollen has taught German for fifteen years, four of those years have been spent at Bishop Kenny.

“Teaching a language is really fulfilling because it’s something that people can use in their real life,” Holland said. “I just love teaching and I guess I just put the two things together that I really enjoyed.”

Hollen will chaperone the 2023 tour to Germany in July. (Emily Wheldon)

Hollen took German from the start of seventh grade, taking AP German in her senior year of high school. She continued her education in the language during college, studying it as her major. After she graduated college Hollen moved to Germany for a year to study at the University, “something that I love about the culture, about the Germans, is that they’re really big on getting outside and doing things.”

While spending time in Germany, Hollen observed that Germans are very active and environmentally aware, “a lot of people in Germany go for hikes, long bike rides or they’ll go to the park or tour,” she said.  

Hollen also actively engages in German culture when she’s at home with her child, “I have a four year old and I speak German with her,” Hollen said. “It’s really important to me that she is exposed to the language and has language knowledge.”