Not all Bullgdogs won this weekend

Crusaders end 45 year football drought against Bolles

Noah Ferrizzi, Web Editor-in-Chief

While the Georgia Bulldogs got a river win this weekend the Bolles Bulldogs couldn’t say the same. For the first time in 45 years, the Crusaders beat the Bolles Bulldogs.

The Crusaders trailed by 10 in the second quarter but right before halftime Sophomore Quarterback James Resar threw an 11 yard touchdown pass to Senior Jayden Harris to cut the Crusader deficit to three. 

The Bulldogs extended their lead to six late in the third but in the fourth, Resar found the endzone again, this time on the ground. 

From there the Crusaders maintained their lead and the game ended a 14-13 Crusader win.

It’s the first Crusader win over Bolles since 1977. 

The Crusaders sit at 8-1 on the season while the Bulldogs fall to 5-4. The Crusaders will go on to face Trinity Christian on Thursday as they look to lock up one of the top playoff seeds in pursuit of a championship.