New Season, New Emotions

Cobra Kai returns to silver screens after a year

Jared Carrillo, Staff Reporter

“Cobra Kai” is the reboot of the iconic and beloved trilogy, “The Karate Kid.” About 30 years after Danny beats Johnny in the All-Valley Tournament, Johnny revives Cobra Kai and starts a messy chain of events. The show originally aired in 2018 on YouTube Red but was bought by Netflix in 2020, which is when it really came to fame. 

Old and new characters have come together every season for qualitative use of nostalgia, brilliantly executed action sequences and heart that you don’t get from a lot of other shows. That was until the latest season, season five. 

Apparently, after four seasons of fun and surprising cameos from old cast members, it gets old. There’s only so many characters to bring back, so at this point it feels rather distasteful to have such forgettable characters return. It’s the fifth season; we have all of the characters that we really need. The way these cameos are used are very bland, and serve no purpose other than mild nostalgia.

Nobody goes into these shows expecting a perfect take on high schoolers involved in karate. However, we should go into this show expecting a somewhat realistic storyline, which this season does not provide. A lot of this season, especially the second half, is unnecessary storylines that are mainly just used to extend the series as much as possible. This series could’ve easily ended this season, but Netflix seems to believe that there’s more money to be made. 

This season is basically a WatchMojo about the top ten worst episodes of “Cobra Kai.” Yes, there are some highs in this season, but the highs don’t come close to outweighing the lows. The writing is so immature to the point that some scenes are just unbearable. The dialogue is childish, and the worst part of this entire season is how predictable it is. I knew everything that was going to happen in every episode. It was almost like I was handed the script before viewing. What I didn’t predict was the over the top, illogical and nonsensical final scene leaving me and many fans feeling like they’ve just wasted six hours of their life watching “Cobra Kai” season five. 

Cobra Kai Season 5 poster reveals old characters returning to the saga. (Photo courtesy of IMDb)