Avatar Again

20th Century Fox re-releases highest-grossing film of all time

Rheece Singletary, Staff Reporter

Coming to theaters on Sep. 23 is the re-release of the original Avatar. Released in 2009, it became the highest grossing film in the world and has stayed that way since its debut. The film will be available nationwide in new ways viewers haven’t seen, such as in D-Box and 4K. 

The film follows the storyline of Jake Sully, a marine who is paralyzed from the waist down, who is given a mission to mine for materials on the planet Pandora. While on the new planet, he starts to get along with the tribe living there and becomes friends with them. Now it’s Sully’s decision to decide if he wants to stay and help the tribe fight or stay loyal to the men destroying Pandora via excess mining. 

James Cameron, the director of the movie, decided to create a sequel to the award-winning film titled “Avatar: The Way of the Water.” It’s set to release in theaters on Dec. 16, and is the follow-up story to the first film. Anticipation for the sequel by many fans and film buffs has brought the original back to theaters for a limited time.